“Democracy is broken”

I watched the video of Carole Cadwallader deliver her talk at TedX2019. There was a tremor of nerves in her voice that disappeared as passion for the truths she documented took over. Interestingly, her presentation was slotted into the category, Truth! Carole is a journalist with The Observer and researcher with Cambridge Analytics, the organization  that presented detailed evidence of how Facebook influenced the Brexit vote with a campaign of lies and distortion. She quoted Parliament: “Democracy is now broken. The 100 years of laws to protect it have been circumvented by technology.” Watch the video. It will be an excellent investment of your 15 minutes. TedX: Democracy Is Broken

This confirmation of what you already suspected is a hard truth to face. Social Media brings us many benefits. We can have relationships with people no matter where they live; make new friends, stay in touch with old friends and family, give and receive support for living. This wiring together of cultures has the potential to increase understanding and collaboration war-2545307_1920around the world. And like any tool that can be used for either good or ill, it has been used to pit people against each other and stimulate the fear that produces violence. We deal with the tragic aftermath we see all around us. Right now, we’re at a major choice point.

Social Media is a powerful tool to grow a business by effectively and easily interacting with thousands of people. I’m an author. Social media is the most important tool an author has to help her readers find her books, buy them, and share their enthusiasm. Enthusiasm + sharing = sales = money = paying the bills. It can also do serious damage through unwarranted attacks by individuals, through manipulating algorithms or through direct interference in how information is placed or lost. Unfortunately, mob rule also finds an audience on Social Media. Misunderstanding - whether accidental or intentional - stirs up whoever is most frustrated and like a hungry lynch mob, groups go after the target of the moment.

entrepreneur-593357_1920Authors have been advised for some time now to build their email list rather than be dependent on a sometimes benevolent, sometimes malignant, 3rd party platform. There are certainly alternatives to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of which are owned and operated by the same group. If you decide to get off those giants, you have to find alternatives and learn to use them. You have to sacrifice the greater, supposedly-predictable impact these platforms offer with their greater reach for a lesser one with potential. With so much competing activity on social media, it’s increasingly difficult to have an impact without it. But - do you want to be part of a system that collects your information to manipulate you, not only into buying certain products but into voting and behaving certain ways? That perpetrates crimes to destroy innocent people, whole cultures? Where is your moral line?

Social Media is a powerful way to offer resources and support to people struggling with devastating illness and trauma. It’s even a powerful way to expose corruption and criminal activity. This discussion is a Case in point. The questions to consider are these: can it be controlled? Who is able - and willing - to do so? What are the consequences of doing nothing? 

Right now we see social media triggering hatred and violence against those hated. The biggest challenge is the difficulty in knowing what’s true. We’re trained to believe what we see, but technology can make visuals that look real and call them news. When you get overwhelmed by angry people spouting insults are each other, you tend to retreat into the nearest familiar-feeling shelter, usually not checking to see whether that too is a false front. Yet social media also offers spiritual, heart-centered folk a platform in which to meditate together, learn together, know what situations to pray for. black-and-white-earing-guy-1278566So is it better to withdraw in order to protect the details of your life from being used against you? To avoid the risk of being tricked by lies? (Spoiler alert: you’ve already been tricked, it hasn’t stopped, and it’s not likely to in the near future.) This is what makes it so difficult to know what to do. We’re rarely aware of how much we’re managed by technology.

Can we  -  how can we  -  keep technology a blessing rather than a curse? How can we make a corrupt system hold those whose corruption makes them rich, accountable? What can I do? What can you do?

One thing you can do is talk about it. Share what you learn on the platforms in question. Once you stop being afraid of facing the collusion  -  once you take a stand – you find other people who have stopped being afraid and are taking a stand. As your community grows, people will have ideas. Solutions will appear. We can’t sit around waiting for someone else to take the lead. They may or may not, but Carole Cadwalleder already did. She told us truth and gave us evidence to support it. Change begins with one step, one stand, the courage to face the truth, and the courage to choose who to be. Do you really want to live in what is already being called the “post-truth era?” When you look back on this pivotal time, who will you wish you had been?

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Book1_eBook_AMAZON small

The new baby is coming this week. Protectors of the Grid will waltz into your awareness on Saturday, April 27th, with its gorgeous new look and some special pricing. Stay tuned for details.


At first, CyberShark was a lark – a cool, high-tech game. As CEO, Ben flexed his Matt Damon swagger and cocky grin and charmed investors. His gift for gab didn’t hurt, either. 

It was still a lark when the tidal wave of money rolled in. 

It stopped being fun when the Beta test flopped and Ben realized he was completely on the hook for the whole damn project. Worse, this failure involved not just science – not his forté – but quantum science, the modern explanation for how spiritual practices affect the whole, bloody universe. Where the hell should he even start?
Wait! Terra! His crazy cousin was always lighting candles and burning sage. Hadn’t she even traveled places to do retreats, quests, or something? Would she still be mad at him for yanking her chain when they were teenagers? Maybe, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 
“I’m Terra Kano. I was a Sheriff’s Detective until my cousin Ben’s panicked call for help. I was shocked. Ben always dissed my magic, but now his new technology won’t work without it – the magic of pure intention and humility, that is. Ben’s life and fortune don’t mean diddly squat now that the Slave Masters are after his invention. If Ben doesn’t master spiritual magic, we’re toast. Every human on the planet could be enslaved…forever! 

I have to help him, right? So let’s do this thing!”



Poet at WorkI was blocked. I was way past deadline on a crucial phase of writing.

I quit trying to push through, went into my bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed, ate a piece of chocolate, and partook of herbal medicine, then settled down in the muted light.

I could feel the block in my upper torso. It hit me that I had been avoiding looking at it for a while, which only gave it time to solidify. Shit! I’m a shamanic practitioner. I facilitate the clearing of blocks for other people. I could certainly do it for myself.

I opened my crown and energy started pouring in. My third eye pulsed. Electricity sparked through my shoulders and upper arms. I felt myself getting lighter. In my mind’s eye, I saw a dark mass in my field break into chunks that fell into the river of energy and were washed away. Phew!

I still lay with eyes closed, intending to drowse, but – Ja! The ideas started coming. I grabbed pen and  paper from my bedside and began to write, which is what you’re reading right now.

The whole point of spiritual work is to make life as good as possible.

This is me applying what I know in my own life. Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised how many wise and kind people forget to apply their wisdom and kindness to themselves.

So I’m signing off now to doze and envision my body and my life within a flowing golden current.

One request: please don’t leave without sharing a little about how you do this.  Thanks!

Celebrating Silver

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about BEING AN ELDER. It took me a while to get here. I cruised through the decades pretty blithely – until my 70th. That one hit me hard. Now I could feel the weight of years behind me and the lightness of the years ahead. My body went through some painful changes – and then, as my mental state rebounded, so did my physical state.

As the path of physical embodiment in front of me shortened, I began to dig deeper into each moment and to sort and sift through my priorities, releasing everything but the most meaningful activities.

I found how much both time and joy respond to presence and awareness. My body responded, too. I feel strong and balanced – and I listen closely to my body’s signals. Now people frequently tell me my energy is young, that I am “youngering.” I feel it, too, that curiosity about everything I’m learning and the deeply fulfilling privilege of focusing on my passions.

Head Shot RedI am grateful to be the age I am and to be part of the Tribe of loving, supportive souls who are Being Love. We are not afraid of “woo woo;” rather, we invoke its power. Nor are we afraid of this so-called “reality,” for we know how to use woo woo to shift it. We are bringing the powerful magic of loving intention to a world that desperately needs comfort and guidance.

My white hair? My less firm skin and the wrinkles the years have etched into my face?  These are badges of honor that I wear a little defiantly and a lot more proudly.

These days I hang out only with people who are doing their own work and growing in the way their souls designed. You know who you are. You know how much I love you. So don’t be afraid of silver strands in your hair or changes in the shape of your face. The wiser you get, the more beautiful you become.


My Name is Terra!

Hello! Glad to meet you. I’m Terra Kano, Heroine in The Shaman Chronicles (previously called the Energy Unveiled series). I’m passionately in love with Nature and every living thing on Planet Earth. I LOVE how everything is more-than-human.

Blond back view turqoise   Blond back field mountains (1)   Woman back ballcap mountains

While I may have sailed past the half-century mark, I’m prime in every way, and attractive, too. At least that’s what people tell me. The ones who like me, not the ones whose butts I just kicked. The things they say are way less flattering!

Terra 5

Bokeh By Tim Savage


I’m so grateful to have a body that is strong and reliable. I run nearly every day to keep her in shape, as well as to sweat away the stress of my job as a detective for the Arlington County, VA, Sheriff’s Department.


I thought I could manage working in law Woman Weeping enforcement because my spiritual practices would keep me balanced, but the Dead Angels case almost did me in. My own twin daughters were the same age as the victims whose corpses kept turning up. What kind of monster focuses on killing lovely pre-teen girls?

Woman holiday journey travel relaxation


I had to go back to basics – back home to Dad, to Molokai, Hawaii, to Simeona and the Huna spiritual tradition – to find my center again.


And now Ben, my cousin and…well, when we were running together as teenagers on Molokai, we were best friends. In spite of how he dissed my mystical connections with plants, animals, spirits. I’m in shock – and curious – that Ben humbled himself to beg me for help. Woman MagicHe says without my knowledge of spiritual principles and how to make magic, he and his multi-billion dollar technology company are toast. BURNT TO A CRISP toast.


How can technology have any connection to spiritual principles like intention and vibration? Can the tools of shamanism help us save ourselves?

You’ll see in Book 1, Protectors of the Grid (formerly The Crystalline Vision). I’m willing to help, and so are the spirits, but Ben may not like what he needs to do. But then, his whole life – his career, billions of dollars, and ultimately the survival of humanity – are at stake! I’ve never seen him this desperate. That’s a lot of motivation.

Woman hat mountains

This turned out to be even more of an adventure than I bargained for!
Come with us! It’s a wild ride!

To fuel your positive addiction,
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The Crystalline Grid Is Not Broken!


The Crystalline Grid is a critical component in Protectors of the Grid, Book 1 of The Shaman Chronicles (reborn from The Crystalline Vision, Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series).  The Grid is a configuration of energy that flows around and enlivens our lovely planet. This grid is not merely a figment of my imagination. There is an abundance of speculation about the grid, about the portals or gateways that appear at many intersections of the grid lines and about the way the grid directs the flow of energy around our planet.


Many of the sacred symbols that frequent esoteric literature appear to represent the Crystalline Grid. 

Flower of Life Rainbow     Flower of Life 3

In Protectors of the Grid, the grid is a dodecahedron, which means five-sided shapes, like a beehive – because that’s the way the guides told me to write it.   dodecahedronMore often the grid is portrayed as triangular shaped.

The Crystalline Grid reminds us that Earth is a living being and that energy comes to humans from many sources. If we could see the Grid, we might take it less for granted, but then, we can’t see electricity or gravity either. We experience the impact they have in our lives indirectly, by being tied to the ground, by seeing light or feeling heat.

Blue Earth Grid

I invite you to experiment with notion of the Crystalline Grid for yourself. Use it for your prayers. Send your love and healing energy wherever it is needed across the globe, then wait and watch. Don’t dismiss changes you observe as mere coincidence. What if? What if your thoughts and intentions sent remotely across the grid land powerfully and make an enormous positive difference?

If you’re still curious about the Crystalline Grid, do a web search to learn the many modern and ancient interpretations regarding it. And if you’d like to enjoy a good story with the grid as a central feature, stay tuned to this channel to have first chance to pre-order your copy of The Crystalline Vision.   

New Covers

Protectors of the Grid, Book 1,  shows off its makeover on April 27th.

Protectors of the Path, Book 2, emerges with its new look May 11th.

Protectors of the Water, Book 3, for the first time in any dimension, makes its proud debut on May 25th.

Protectors of the Gifts…well, my dears, I have already downloaded the first few chapters and an incredible story is gestating for your reading pleasure shortly. Isn’t it comforting to know the Protectors are constantly on duty to save You, your loved ones and this lovely Planet from the devastation threatening all life! 

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Happy Pondering! And Happy Reading!






The End of Her World

She watched her mother’s face as all color drained away. For once, her mother had heard her. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

She wasn’t used to winning. Now, watching her mother collapse into the kitchen chair, her stomach clenched and her eyes burned. The crippled hands that had always been so busy gripped the edge of the table as though her mother needed something – anything – to hold onto. Her breath was quick and shallow, like a dog panting in summer heat.

Mercedes realized she was holding her breath and gasped, air rushing into her lungs. Words flew through her mind, vanishing before she could capture the right ones.

“But why?” her mother wailed.

Mercedes heard the fear in the plaintive cry.

“It’s so far.” Her mother’s milky eyes filled with tears.

Because it’s far enough from you, Mercedes thought, but didn’t say.

“Because that’s where work is,” Mercedes replied. And Rafael. And escape from this dry, dusty place that shrivels my soul.

“Do you hate me that much, Mercedes?”Mercedes Mama 2 Photo by Bùi Nam Phong from Pexels

“No, Mamita, it’s not about you. It’s this place. There is no life for me here, no friends, no school.”


“No! I don’t love Juan! We’ve been over this again and again.” Mercedes shuddered at the image of the squat adobe house bleached by the desert sun, the man with the empty eyes and hunched shoulders who lived just down the road.

Mercedes averted her eyes from the tears trickling down the parchment skin of her mother’s cheeks.

“Let Juan take care of you, Mamita. You are safer here in the country than you would be in the city. But I need more. I will send you money.”

Her mother snorted and shook her head. “What do I need money for? There is nothing around here to buy!”

“My point exactly, Mamita,” responded Mercedes, passion rising within her. “If you could see, you would understand. There is nothing here to give life color or music.”

Mercedes lifted her gaze beyond the green of corn and beans to the monotone sweep of desert and barren hills.

“Don’t you remember from when Papi brought you here, when your eyes first began to fail?”

“I remember, but it was beautiful to me. Safe. Peaceful. It was safe for you, too, as it got harder to see. It was just the right thing to do.” Her mother’s voice was strained.

“For then, Mama. Not for now. At least not for me. You know this place so well that you get along fine without seeing. I can’t imagine that your beans and tortillas could taste any better than when you could see. You can tell when the garden needs water and your feet find the path easily. You can shuck corn faster than I can still.”

“But, Mija, I will be so lonely without you,” her mother whispered.

Mercedes knew that her mother mourned the babies she would not hold, babies Mercedes refused to make with the slow, silent Juan.

Musician for MercedesShe thought about Rafael and felt heat flush her cheeks as the muscles in her belly tightened. She wanted so much to make babies with Rafael. The boys would be strong like him, and laughing. The girls would have his flashing eyes and easy grace. She would bring them to visit. But she couldn’t tell Mama that. Mama didn’t know about Rafael. She would never approve a husband who wasn’t Catholic. Unless there was a beautiful baby to help her change her mind.

Her mother covered her face with her worn, twisted hands and her shoulders shuddered as she sobbed.

Mercedes stiffened. She would not give in this time. Since Papi died, Mami leaned more and more on her. She was nearly 27, almost too old for niños. She was lucky that Rafael wanted her in spite of her age. Mami would forgive her when she brought her a baby to hold. Rafael would not fix things around the place, but he would play his guitar and sing songs until Mami laughed and clapped her hands. Farmer Juan

Following that train of thought, Mercedes blurted out, “Juan will take care of you, Mami, and then he will not be lonely either.”

Her mother sniffed. “He has been like a son to me.”

Mercedes heard the accusation that her mother’s clamped lips cut off. Not like you, the daughter who wants to run away. But this time Mercedes hardened her heart, the color and fabric of her new life beckoning.

She saw her mother’s grief turn to anger, which flushed her cheeks red as she pressed her lips into a thin line. Mamita pushed down on the table and stood, wobbling only a little. The chair behind her scraped across the dirt floor but stayed upright. As Mercedes watched, Mamita turned her face toward the breeze that gusted through the open door and followed it outside, her steps sure on the familiar path.

Mercedes followed her, put her arms around the stiff, unrelenting shoulders. “Mamita…” she breathed.

Desert Sunset“Don’t Mamita me, Mija. You are the one who is leaving.”

Mercedes gazed past her mother to the blaze of coral that spread across the horizon as the sun sank behind the clouds of dust, painting the monotone landscape with a rosy glow.

“Friend or foe?”

“Could be either,” Kale replied.

Lila, the Mo’o, is an important character in The Crystalline Vision, and a most unusual one. A Mo’o is a mythical being unique to the Hawaiian Islands. An article in Maui Magazine describes them this way.

“Most moʻo of legend are female, shapeshifters capable of appearing as beautiful maidens or water dragons. They dwell in caves, pools, and fishponds and are fierce guardians of freshwater sources. According to nineteenth-century Hawaiian historian Samuel Kamakau, when fires were lit on altars near their homes, the moʻo would appear: twelve- to thirty-foot-long reptiles, black as night, glistening in the water.”

Shapeshifter? Now we’re talkin’!

Well, you can imagine what happened next. She no sooner had my attention than Lila started talking. First she described mo’os in general – a dragon-like lizard up to 30 feet long or – a beautiful, seductive woman. In either form she can act as protector or destroyer.Tyrannasayaus Rex

Lila said that in her lizard form, her teeth are gigantic, like a tyrannosaurus rex,Lizard Body

but that her body is more like an iguana.


Lila, the Mo'o

When she shapeshifts into a woman…


…Lila appears as a beautiful, Lila as Womanseductive islander.

Poor Ben. Lila, the Mo’o is attached to him for better or for worse, like an animal spirit guide, or like those old cartoons in which an angel sits on one shoulder, a devil on the other, arguing their cases.

Ultimately, Lila makes Ben face his choices. It’s not easy. He’s resisted acknowledging everything invisible his whole life, and as CEO of the hottest tech company in town, he’s invested in the delusion. That won’t work for Lila, the Crystalline Grid, or the CyberShark investors. Ben must face what he finds inside and choose who he will be. If he makes the wrong choice? That wonderful CyberShark technology could turn from being a gift to humanity to being the instrument of its destruction!

Crystalline Vision Smaller


The Crystalline Vision is available now with it’s original title and cover.Book1_eBook_AMAZON small It will be reborn April 27th as Protectors of the GridBook 1 of The Shaman Chronicles, available here now: https://tinyurl.com/CrystallineVision.



Protective Force Smaller


Although all books in the series are complete in themselves, your favorite characters continue their adventures in Protective Force,  available here:  https://tinyurl.com/ProtectiveForce. Book 2 will be reborn May 11th as Protectors of the Path, Book2_eBook_AMAZONBook 2 of The Shaman Chronicles






And – for the first time in any dimension – Book 3, Protectors of the Water, will launch May 26th!

Stay tuned to learn how to preorder your copy.


Have You Found the True Story?

A Story Teller in Apache tradition is someone who listens carefully to the details of an experience, then takes those same elements and reframes the experience from a cosmic perspective. Maybe the Point of View shifts. Maybe the Story Teller sees things the person missed. The Story Teller’s job is to make you the center of the experience in a way that heals and empowers you. That is the power of story.

Many years ago I worked with an Apache Story Teller, Woody Baily, to understand my experience on a 3-day Vision Quest on Mount Diablo in California. My invalid husband had died and I wanted to make sense of that darkest night of my soul. Mount Diablo in Northern California is a beautiful place a short drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and one of my most sacred mountains. It was the end of January, right before the anniversary of Sean’s death in February, but Northern California never gets very cold, right?

The Quest was cold and challenging. I lay in my sleeping bag under the stars, shivering. A mischievous raccoon made incredible racket in the camp kitchen. raccoon-2906368_1920I was fasting using the Master Cleanser formula, and the little stinker reached under the latched door of the storage cabinet at the campground and in its efforts to pull out food, punctured the plastic jug. All my nourishment drained onto the dirt. Hungry, cold even in the weak winter sunlight, I did not feel even remotely spiritual. (This is often the case when seeking, I have learned.) I was still confused and frustrated when I returned home. I called my friend Woody.

After I poured out my tale of grief and challenge, Woody, the Story Teller, launched into a dramatic rendering of my Quest experience, his voice and vision a powerful connection to the sense of the Divine I sought. He told my story back to me in detail, and the pivotal moment came when one sentence pierced my heart. In the voice of a Shakespearean Oracle, Woody announced to the multiverse, “But she wasn’t done suffering!” Though he continued with the story, my attention stopped right there, riveted by what he had just said and the implications for my future.

What? Wait just a bloomin’ minute! The hell I’m not!

And that was the beginning of a major shift in my life. 

This is what we do as writers. We find and record the meaning in stories. Often we write to create stories that bring forth the meaning for which we hunger. This may help us see states of being in our own lives and suggest possibilities for our readers.

It takes courage to go to the places inside that need healing. It takes guts to dare to change or to dream big. You’ve got this. Here you have all the support you need to complete your Quest and move into the next phase of your life.

My writer’s privilege and pleasure

…is to introduce you to another favorite character from The Protectors of the Grid/The Crystalline Vision. Here you go!

Charusheela “Beautiful Jewel” Sardana

Shhhh. Charlie’s finally asleep, so I’ll introduce you here, quietly. Let me close the door.

There. That’s better.

Charlie crashed just a short while ago, after nearly all night in the lab making sure everything is robot-507811_1920good for the final mass-live presentation of The Ferry tomorrow. She says sometimes she dreams she’s a robot, her mind a computer that chugs away no matter what she’s doing, even sleeping. But back to the demonstration.

Everyone’s going to be there, you know. The investors, the press, the employees. The only difference between this test and prior ones is the scale. This one will be enormous. If everything goes as planned tomorrow, The Ferry, Cybershark’s electricity-free global communication product, will be ready to launch worldwide. That’s what “mass live” means – big scale – fully working prototype. Then everyone on the planet can communicate with anyone, anywhere, without electricity – for a small monthly subscription fee. For Charlie, it will be the crowning achievement of an illustrious career.

That’s saying a lot. Charlie has always been an achiever. Science and math came easily to her, as easily as the spiritual studies with her father, who took her with him to visit his Young Charlie-Photo by mentatdgt from Pexelsgurus. Charlie was lucky. Not many females in India are privy to such training. She already knew that spirituality is the flip side of quantum physics. Made sense. No biggie. Charlie likes to play in both arenas, which meant when Terra needed spiritual support to deal with CEO Ben Boyce, Charlie was right there with her.

This success will be the next best thing since Kachi and Ben made her head of R & D at CyberShark. She was so happy to have work she could believe in, a project that will allow people in even the most remote places on earth to connect with everyone else for an astonishingly modest subscription. Acknowledgment of her abilities and a fat budget to draw on – yes, it felt incredible.

The fact that Kachi believed in her meant even more. As they worked together on the project, the attraction between them built and built until the night after the first successful test, it exploded. They were both surprised – but it felt natural and right. And passionate and deep and loving. True love smacked them both up-side the head. Charlie Beach-Photo by Girlan Xm from PexelsNeither of them could stop grinning, or think straight, so they went away for a few days to simmer down their sensuality before everyone in the company figured out what had happened. Ja! Like people hadn’t already picked up on it. And all that time together did was to amp things up. But CyberShark wasn’t Kachi’s end game.

Charlie knew Kachi’s plan to leave the country before the purchase of the island was even complete, but that didn’t make it hurt less when he actually left. The whole company was in turmoil, especially Ben Boyce – especially when the 2d test bombed. So Charlie just laid low and kept quiet until things turned around. They found the problem – it was Ben! – and subsequent tests worked beautifully. Now if this demonstration works as well, CyberShark has a powerful flagship product that everyone in the world will want.

Kachi wants Charlie to come to visit, but the timing just hasn’t been right yet.

Maybe it will be after tomorrow’s dress rehearsal, but meanwhile, Shhhh. Let her get some sleep. She’s got a big day tomorrow!


You can read all about the big demonstration and the evil that fights to capture the technology beginning in Chapter 58 of Protectors of the Grid/aka The Crystalline Vision.

Can shamanic tools save us?

Get your copy here: amazon.com/author/barbarasnow



On break with the band…

Launch Preparations

While it’s rewarding to feel the momentum building for the launch of The Shaman Chronicles, to be putting together charming little teasers and giveaways for beloved readers, a smart author needs to get away for some R & R for the home stretch. To refill that energetic well, right?

Rehoming Soul Parts

Tonight I hold a private Soul Retrieval ceremony for the angels who will be assisting in Mystical Aspects copythe public Soul Retrieval ceremony next week. The energy (plasma storm) that has been pouring onto the planet from last week’s gi-normous solar flare gave last Saturday’s Soul Retrieval ceremony extra power and promises extra potency for tonight and for next week. The spirits are as eager as we are. Thanks, Universe, for the boosts!

Missing in Action!

All these preparations are moving forward nicely, but there’s lots to think about, lots to do, lots of energy being expended. Time for a breather. This girl is going on the band bus! Yep, you heard it right. This weekend I am officially on R&R – going to Vilcabamba with the Paco Blues band to cheer ‘em on at the Mestizo gig on the square in Vilcabamba.

Paco Blues Vilca

It’s fun to play with everyone’s fantasies! Being a band groupie this weekend will be just as much fun as it sounds, but probably not like it woulda been xxx years ago, when we were all young(er) and stupid(er). There will be none of the sex, drugs and rock and roll that is legendary on band tours. Ummm – there may be sex – wives and husbands will be along – and herbal edibles to keep your spirits high. For sure there will be great music to get our booties shaking. But the 5-hour drive is along the crest of fabulous mountains and the quaint little town of Vilcabamba is in the Valley of Longevity. The weekend will include numerous spa treatments and pampering.

To whet your appetite…

…I’d like you to meet another favorite character from Protectors of the Grid (still listed on Amazon as The Crystalline Vision for a short time, if you’d like a momento of the first run). 

Red Fox

The old shaman sat on the front porch of his cabin, steam rising from the coffee in the Red Foxmug on the floor beside him. His eyes were closed but he smiled when he felt the warmth and light on his face as the sun crested the trees. A sense of well-being burst around him like the sunlight. The tune rumbling in his throat exploded in a song that soared through the trees to join the birds chattering their excitement at a new day. Then a thought crossed his mind that brought a scowl.

That Ben. After all the grief he gave me and Kachi during Kachi’s training years… He was always the most disrespectful, skeptical, rebellious kid around, a lousy influence when Kachi was growing into his gifts.  

Red Fox caught himself. Who would have thought Ben would end up a multi-billionaire hot-shot. Best not to think of that now that he’s swallowed crow to beg for the same training.

Red Fox’s thoughts drifted back to his own youth, when he, too, was an arrogant, self-Red Fox Againimportant, terrified and rebellious young man. He laughed to himself. None of his proteges ever figured out how he got onto them, though it should have been obvious that he had been them before Life knocked the pins out from under him.

He felt the air swirl past as a presence swooped by and a message touched his awareness. Humans. Hardly anybody listens until things get gritty.

Red Fox grinned as he scanned the lower branches of the nearer trees. Ah, there you are, old friend. The owl’s golden eyes shone in the shadows. Red Fox waited as a shimmer distorted reality for a few seconds. Then Jha Heya, having shape-shifted back into human form, strode out of the forest, across the clearing, and up the steps.

“Got any more coffee?” he asked.

Red Fox rose, went inside, and came back with another mug of steaming coffee. “Good to see you, my friend.”

Jha Heya sipped carefully before answering. “Likewise, my brother.” Jha Heya took a seat on the steps so he could gaze out into the woods. “So peaceful here,” he murmured.

“Umhmm,” Red Fox concurred. “Things are peaceful now that those kids are gone.”

Jha Heya lifted an eyebrow. “Kids? Grace is 30-something and Ben, Terra and Charlie are all dancin’ around 50-something. You must be feeling old.”

Red Fox nodded slightly, he eyes on the forest as well. “Mebbe. I’d given up on Ben for sure.”

Jha Heya nodded. “Understandable, after all those years of resistance. Now that he’s suitably humble, how do you feel?”Benjamin Boyce

Red Fox was silent for several moments. Then he sighed. “Stretched. Have to forgive him, you know, and now that he’s sincerely asking for guidance and teaching, have to give it.”

“So?” Jha Heya repeated, then waited.

Red Fox snorted. “Now I have to deal with my own resistance to teaching him, my own anger at the wasted years.” He set the coffee cup on the planks of the porch, then smacked his right fist into his left palm. “My own judgment that the years were wasted.” He turned to gaze at Jha Heya. “There’s always more work to do. Damned kid. He’s stretched me plenty.”

Jha Heya smiled but his eyes were compassionate. “Don’t worry, my friend. If it weren’t Ben Boyce stretching you, it would be someone or something else. Growing is never done.”

Red Fox nodded. “I just hope what I taught him will be enough. I suppose we should have expected big trouble, but the slime stayed hidden for so long it was hard to gauge what they were up to.”

Red Fox CeremonyJha Heya placed a reassuring hand on Red Fox’s shoulder. “The Protectors have their work cut out for them. That’s clear. And the enemy is deadly.”

Red Fox laid a hand over his friend’s that still rested on his shoulder. “Yes. The Slavemasters care nothing for life of any kind. Death. Destruction. They’ll resort to whatever violence reinforces their control.”

He was silent a moment, thinking. “It’s probably better that these youngsters don’t yet get that every living thing on the planet is depending on them.”

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Previously the Energy Unveiled series, Book 1,
The Crystalline Vision

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Sharra? Who the heck…

…is Sharra?

Wait! Isn’t that Barbara? Barbara Snow?

Well, yes. You’re right. Her earth suit and everything that came with it has been heretofore identified as Barbara Jean Brooks Brdecka Snow Snow-Erlin, Mom, Sis, Honey, or Hey, You! But you can call her Barbe, the childhood nickname her mama gave her (before Barbie’s were invented). Or Barbara.

Sharra is her soul name. A vibration that carries across incarnations. So when she was a black slave running the main house for the family, her soul name was Sharra. When she was a Native American warrior trying to pull the people together to protect them, his soul name was Sharra.

You have a soul name, too. If you’re curious, ask your guides. Then pay attention. The information can come from anywhere.


Intention, vibration and energy management are key in all spiritual practices, regardless of the language of a tradition. Drawing upon the teachings of shamanism, yoga, Buddhism, and metaphysical Christianity, she’ll help you apply those principles to live a more authentic, meaningful and easier life. Sharra has served as a spiritual guide and healing facilitator in North and South America for 20 years.

Energy Work

Her specific gifts are in clearing dense energy from someone’s field, facilitating them as they retrieve lost soul parts, and/or removing any entities that are masquerading as Self. Both soul retrieval and entities tend to occur from traumas, and once the soul parts return and the entities are banished, your own energy flows more easily and more strongly. That makes it easier to follow your guidance and manifest your highest good.


Another of Sharra’s favorite offerings is ceremony for a specific purpose, which is tons of fun, sending energy to a particular dream or goal, announcing it to the Universe and soliciting multidimensional assistance and the peace of letting go.


A 3rd service Sharra offers is reframing your story. She will reconstruct your “facts” from a cosmic perspective so that you can find the benefit. This office of StoryTeller that serves many in indigenous traditions was conferred upon Sharra by an Apache storyteller, Woody Baily, just before he transitioned.


Sharra’s new website is oriented toward her books rather than her healing services, which she doesn’t advertise but which are foundational in her life. When people find her, usually through the recommendation of another client, she knows their soul is ready and their work together will be effective. However, look for a fresh look soon.


Plus Sharra’s guidance is that the stories she offers are for empowering and encouraging seekers to remember Who They Are and what gifts they bring to this incarnation. The stories are coming faster than she can write them down – but that’s a good thing and a non-problem that she is solving. 😉