How’s Your Transformation Going?

I know you’re changing.

Things are happening in your life that are forcing it.

Everybody has something inviting them to step into their next becoming.

Sometimes it’s circumstances that block you like it was with me. sadHere’s what happened.

Nothing gets your attention like PAIN!   

The Universe stopped me dead in my tracks.

You ain’t goin’ nowhere, Sistah, until you deal.”

Ouch! This hurts like hell! I’m listening. Give me a break! I’ve got stuff to do!”

Uh uh. Not until you take care of this cloud that’s been hanging over you a whole, bloody year!”

Sciatica. I hurt no matter which way I moved – or laid. It struck the weekend after I moved into a new house.

I hadn’t done any lifting and have no idea what actually triggered it, but sciatica effectively shut down my unpacking and organizing. I practiced good self-care: saw a physiotherapist, then an osteopath, took meds, rested and moved, and still, I awoke in agony.

dissolutionWhat? I’m not a hypocrite! How… Oh. Hmmm. I wonder…

There was a woman I loved deeply with whom I’d experienced an inexplicable breach. She had been constantly there. Now she was gone. I had no idea why. Everything in my life changed over that summer and I missed her desperately, but in several attempts to talk about things, nothing changed. And then she became a bit of a Mean Girl. I felt shut out and disrespected. So I let her go and focused on other friendships.

There were two of her, sweet and not-so-sweet. I couldn’t help myself. I still loved the sweet one but I couldn’t help but keep a guard up against the other one.

Time passed and the sweet one started coming around again – charming, insightful and helpful. It made me nervous, how much I enjoyed her, even guarded. Underneath I was still hurt and angry, the air never cleared, the right words never spoken.

So here I am in a world of hurt and she offers help and company. Again. One Sunday she came, we meditated, talked about our spiritual process, had lunch. She put medicine on my painful places, read while I rested, walked my dogs. She said, “This was lovely. Maybe we can do it again next Sunday.”

When the time is right, you know it. The opening for which you rehearsed.

That’s a great idea. I thought the same thing. But first, we have to clear this thing between us.”


It does not minimize the complexity, intensity or pain, that this turned out to be – apparently – misunderstandings all the way around, compounded by our human reactions to pain. Pain based on an old story that we dreaded was happening again.

As we talked, I leaned against the wall of my patio garden to ease the aches in my body. I felt a huge knot of pain in the back of my pelvis soften, melt and begin to drain away. In Andean shamanism, it’s called “hucha,” the dense, heavy vibration of painful emotions that gets locked into our systems. That’s where blocks come from. This one was dissolving. I had been trying not to tense against the pain, but now the melting pain left release in its wake.

Everything is energy. Energy follows intention. I consciously intended to release rage and frustration from my field to lighten my vibration. The Universe, in holy collaboration with my Higher Self, said, “OK. We heard you. That’s why you’re not going anywhere or doing much of anything until you get this sorted out.”

friends celebrate

Then Grace set up the situation that created the opening.

I thanked my friend for persevering in pursuing me, even when I was unresponsive. She thanked me for having the courage to start the conversation. While my sciatica was still painful, I knew that from that point on, it would heal. We hugged and wept as we saged away the remnants of confusion and hurt. Since, our relationship has evolved in new ways. Our imperfect but sincere love can flow freely again.

So – back to my original question.

How’s your transformation going?

Please give us a few words in the comments.


Hooking Up


Oh, the ache. To feel adrift in the vastness of the multiverse with no tie to a Place. Not an object or being – human or other. The most terrifying delusion of all.

The Delusion

For delusion it is. Even in space we are at every moment a part of a Web of Life – vast, intimate, and inextricably connected by Energy – the Foundation of All Life. We swim in this sea of energy like fish swim in the ocean. Dependent upon it. Oblivious to it. Searching for it. Searching for Home, when the connection to Home lives inside us, right in our bellies.

The Antidote

The antidote to feeling alone and unloved is to tune in to the love all around. Open your receptors to feel, to receive the sensations. Energy. Home. Love. Are they the same thing? Are they different aspects of Originating Source? You decide. Choose which thoughts to listen to. Choose how you want to feel.

For Me

I embrace my part in this colossal experiment. I’m relieved to remember that the whole Divine Plan is well beyond my capacity to grasp. I’m not in charge or in control. I wouldn’t know where to start to fix things. How can I  even know what’s truly broken? Or what’s in anyone’s highest good? Ideas that seemed so viable just a short time ago are now revealed to have devastating consequences.

tea-lights-3612508_1920I do know which activities and perspectives will enhance or undermine my vibration: what helps me relax in gratitude (peace) and what ties my stomach and my nervous system in knots (fear). This helps me choose my state of consciousness.

Acceptance and Authenticity

This includes not only awareness but also acceptance of my humanness. I am soooo perfectly imperfect. Sigh. I’ve learned to forgive myself for what needs to be forgiven and to lean into my strengths. A big part of feeling connected is being friends with myself.

I make it a point to tell myself the truth but no longer allow those nasty voices in my head to speak at all. Having compassion for myself helps me embrace others more generously. That makes for healthier relationships with friends and family, too.

Nature: Our Most Important Connection

We’ve been taught that Nature is “Other,” something outside us, something either to fear or to control, when everything on this planet alive and designed to support human life. It’s truly sad when we can no longer feel the energy of the magnificent old tree we have our arms around or receive her comfort.

animal spirit pachamamaSlow down. Plant your butt on a boulder or the ground, take your shoes off and let your bare feet feel earth. Close your eyes and feel the play of sun and breeze on your face. Hear the swoosh of sounds on the wind or the song of the river beside you. Here’s comfort to bring inside your body, your home for this incarnation, where your gifts and your holiness reside. Sometimes it takes awhile to re-attune to the sensations of connection but it’s totally worth being patient and persistent.

Your Response-ability

The beauty of nourishing your connections to yourself, your environment, and Source is that these relationships polish the glow on everything else in your life. You get to choose how to relate, even whether to relate. That is your only responsibility: when you have the ability to respond, choosing whether and how to respond.

What’s Your Story?

Mine for the unfolding year is to build more and stronger connections and to grow in my ability to twine spiritual truths into riveting stories. I’ll be calling more healing blowing hair abstractceremonies, mentoring more Wild Riders and writing more books. Most of the ceremonies are in-person, here in Cuenca, Ecuador, for the moment, although the mentoring has become international. Healing sessions have always been international. The books grow as I do, with heroes and heroines applying the same lessons I learn. I yearn to share these stories with more people.

I’ve been told that you are the ones who will build this community of ideal readers because you love stories about people like you and me who use the tools of spirituality and energy management to address the challenges confronting us. You like to be inspired and encouraged by the books that entertain you. You know the possibilities for triumph are just as real as the potential for destruction. Word of mouth is what will do it, I was told, the same way The Celestine Prophecy got started. “Here, read this. I loved the story and the ideas it gave me. It’s right up your alley.” So please offer my stories to people you know will appreciate them. You’re going to love the intriguing new covers and expansive titles that will be revealed SOON.

Thank you!shaman work

And thanks for staying connected. I know the deluge of information and claims that fill our inboxes, so I cherish the ability to communicate with you. From my heart to yours, I bring you visions of amazing places to go and better ways to get there.


What makes you come alive?

I first heard this phrase as a symposium facilitator for The Pachamama Alliance. It’s an especially deep question because it assumes you have various levels of aliveness – and that you’re aware of it. I believe it’s true for people who have awakened: who are paying attention to communications from their body and who are telling themselves the truth about what’s really going on in every area of their life.

The exciting benefit of being awake and paying attention is that you then see the choices in front of you. joy-1353778_1920Things you didn’t see before because you were operating from outside in. From what you’d been taught or programmed to see and to believe. Awakened, you operate from the sense of knowing that comes from inside, that comes when you let yourself really see the evidence around you. Awakened, you recognize your internal response – your body’s wisdom – to what you see around you. Awakened, you get better and better at trusting yourself.

Awake, you know what to do next, which makes life so much easier to navigate. We generally have far less control of most things in our lives than we admit, but we also have far more control of our responses and where we want to direct our attention and our energy.Cleansing-Killarumioque

When I returned from my pilgrimaging to Bolivia and Peru, I reflected upon the qualities that fill my days and give me a sense of purpose and growth. The qualities I identified that give me my sense of well-being include feeling

alive – connected – energized – relaxed – 

excited – peaceful – loving – generous

I will be examining each quality in depth in future posts. As for me, I’m clear on what lights my fire. Spiritual Magic gets top billing. The alchemy of consciousness by which you pull a richer life from the Magician’s Hat of Challenges. I love learning it and applying it in my life. I love seeing how it can change someone else’s life as it frees and heals them. I love visioning situations in which disaster is the fire from which the phoenix flies. I love writing stories about them to entertain and encourage you.

Here are a few specifics that flavor my life.

  • I love the house and neighborhood I live in and the two small dogs and the big kitty that share my life and my bed.
  • I love that the park that is the dogs’ back yard is a half block from my house, a tienda (Ecuadorian convenience store) is across the street next to the grill restaurant, a farmacia (pharmacy) is around the corner, and a large mercadito is three blocks away with an abundance of fruit and veggies and about anything else you could want.
  • I love that I don’t need a car because I can walk and either bus or taxi anywhere in town way cheaper and easier.
  • I love the community helpfulness of extranjeros (expats) here and their desire to serve.
  • I embrace this culture that carries within its complexities a sense of heart and compassion.
  • I am grateful for the creative richness of my city, Cuenca. The painting, sculpting, writing and performing that are embraced here.
  • The fine symphony that gifts its music to the community.
  • The spiritual awareness that produces a steady stream of synchronicities.

These are a few of the ways that I know I’m blessed and I know what to do next. I invite you to think about this.

Think about what makes you feel alive, about where your joy comes from, and about whether your gratitude shows you’re fully receiving what’s being offered to you. That’s the whole point, my friend. Are you letting it in?

Wait! Did I just hear you say, “What’s ‘it?’ What am I not letting in?” Because that’s just plain silly. YOU are the only one who DOES know what “it” is. So this is where you get serious about telling yourself the truth. 1-2-3 GO!

alive-934671_1920 (1)

I’m Baaaack – & Other Exciting News!

I’m B-a-a-a-c-k!

I’ve been back from the pilgrimage to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca for over three weeks now. I’ve been holding it close, cherishing the sensations and the shifts, feeling the changes. So much happened. So many details to remember and see for the first time. The shifts in energy and the bonding with fellow travelers. The synchronicities that added a soap bubble sheen to “ordinary” experiences. The magic hidden in “ordinary” experiences.


The reverence in my heart demands that I honor it all now in retrospect as we honored the process while we were in it. Each day’s ceremony built the magic and the momentum. Now I am integrating all the layers of experience and transformation that have become part of me.

I’m not hiding! 

Many years ago, after I served as an auxilio in a San Pedro ceremony, the maestro who led the ceremony smiled and gently commented, “You showed yourself.” I hadn’t thought I was hiding, didn’t intend to. During the ceremony I had merely given the role the best I could, holding the sanctity so that others could be safe in their process. Maybe that’s the way it works. We’re not aware there’s more there until we step into it.

I AM Power


I want to share. I will share. But it’s not quite time. What is more important right now is the evidence in my life of how I’m different. I want you to be on the lookout for that. 

I’m not going to tell you what to look for. It will be more valuable to us all if you zoom in on it yourself. But please, please, please, tell me what you see or sense and why. Just jot a note in the comments section of my blog page. Make this a quick and easy exercise in what qualities you’d like to add to your own life and how you can do that. Maybe it will remind you of your own transformational pilgrimage or process.

Ceremony at KillarumioqueSister Ceremonialists Jari Holland Buck and Lynne Klippel with me at Killa Rumioque.

Incredible Lightness of Being 

Energetically speaking, I came home lighter than I left. Sometimes, in the last few weeks, I feel so free and light, I think I could lift off. That does not preclude feeling exhausted or even sick, but it sure feels good. 

I awake in the mornings feeling mostly blessed, rich and happy for the day. The whiny voices in my head seem to have grown tired of being ignored. Nothing they say scares me anymore. Contentment is too real. Guess they moved on in search of another target.

I’ve maintained rituals I enjoyed on the pilgrimage – recording significant points by hand in a special journal, drawing a card from my Voyager deck – and they serve me just as well here at home.


Exciting News about Sacred Work

I have a new, incredibly beautiful, permanent mesa in my loft. Its steady heartbeat sends loving vibrations out into the world and enhances the flow of energy into my life. The community of khuyas (sacred objects – khuyar is the Quechua verb “to love”) I brought back is well-bonded and already working. My pre-Pilgrimage mesa is well-rooted and -seasoned. The khuyas will tell me when they are ready to cross-pollinate. Meanwhile, the energy around here is both stabilizing and ramping up in a most delightful way.

Some of these khuyas will be assigned to a traveling mesa that will anchor sacred energies into the places where I will hold healing ceremonies in the coming year. Following Spirit’s persistent call, I have a good venue, an enthusiastic hostess, and an eager assistant. The first will be a Soul Retrieval ceremony. The second ceremony will be Completing Soul Contracts.  The Third will be about Grief as Gratitude: Honoring what was beloved that is lost.

Exciting News about Storymaking (Books)

Book 3 of my shamanic suspense/magical realism series is fully birthed and out to Beta readers. Book 4 is becoming quite…er…vociferous. Writing the way that works for me is sort of like channeling dimensional probabilities. Stories start talking. I listen. Which one has the most energy? What seems the most likely – or unlikely – thing to happen next? 

My stories feel like a type of visioning, too. How can I translate firsthand experience of the difference it makes in our lives when we live in a sacred way? Our lives are different when we have visceral evidence of our relationships with the unseen. 

It’s a lie that 3D reality is all there is, a lie that makes people behave differently than they would if they knew the kind of love and help that are available to anyone and everyone who wants it. 

Next year Books 1 and 2 will be reborn. We have a brand-spanking new series name, new titles, and sizzling new covers. Book 3, in its very own sizzling new cover, will launch with appropriate fanfare shortly after, with Book 4 hot on its heels.

Details coming. 

Heh heh. You didn’t think I was going to give away all the goodies right up front, did you? Stay tuned for the next installment!

How’s Your Heart? Maybe this will help.

What the pain told me

Pain like a lightning bolt seared my body. I jolted awake in darkness. From my waist to my tailbone, my spine felt like Vesuvius erupting. Burning agony blazed along my ravaged sciatica. All the medicines and remedies in my nightstand were impotent.

My body convulsed as I sobbed. Each wave stripped away every resistance, every denial. I howled.  That place deep inside that I avoid – I went there – because I couldn’t do anything else. What do you want from me? I asked the pain. What are you saying? 


After a couple of hours, perhaps because of the weeping, the intensity of pain diminished. I fell asleep, exhausted, a list of things to get my estate in order already started.

In the morning I pursued the healers and options that were slowly, surely putting me back together. The good news is that an MRI identified the root cause and subsequent treatments are healing the issue, not merely treating symptoms. The point here is that, I got the message. See if maybe this applies to you, too.

Lots of wonderful people are working really hard to hold our vibrations as high as possible to bring into being a world in which everyone wins. We work toward acknowledging the realities of what is happening around us, take what actions we can, then pull back to keep from being dragged into the energetic cesspool. But…we need to grieve. 


Pain is not our enemy.

Pain shows us where things are terribly wrong. This physical pain showed me how much I had armored myself to keep my emotional pain at bay.

Pain does not kill us,

but fear of pain paralyzes us!

Once my armor shattered, yes, a flood of awareness rushed in, the good, kind, hopeful things as well as the dark, scary and frustrating things. I can’t shut down part of myself without shutting down all of myself. Neither can you.

Until human emotions are fully experienced, they hang around in the group mind, looking for similar vibrations. When a wave of heartache washes over you, you’re processing to heal at the personal level. You’re also processing for others who can’t.

When I delved into the depths of my pain, there was so much. I grieve for this beautiful, living planet and all the natural richness that is dying because of human (1)




I grieve for the suffering that some humans inflict on others.


I grieve for lost innocence as the extent of lies and manipulation floods across our media, fake or real.

What do you grieve?

How are you managing your grief so that it doesn’t slam dunk you sometime when you’re stressed and distracted?

Use this powerful tool.

Ceremony works powerfully for to address such issues. The difference between grieving alone and grieving in ceremony is this: coming together with trusted people to acknowledge our pain is proactive. It’s declares the value of your loss and your intention to create positive change.

When you and I emerge from a healing ceremony, we have released hucha, the heaviness of painful emotions. The emotional turmoil that confused our thinking lifts and answers become clear. Our energy flows more freely and we know where we want to invest it.

Whether you name it ceremony or ritual, you already know how to do it. I’m finishing up a simple guide called Ceremony: Calling Yourself Home, my gift to you and anyone you know. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out. Here’s what I want you do to with it.

  1. Use it. Create a context in which you can connect with your own soul and with the Divine Source of your life force and wisdom within you.
  2. Pick a couple of people you love and trust and do it together. Make it fun.
  3. Share it with everyone you know so they too can open to the possibility of creating powerful positive change from your wounded heart.
  4. Pass the word. If there is anything in this world that needs to go viral right now, it’s a reach to like-minded peeps to support and strengthen each other.

And finally, thank you for caring. Thank you for taking the pieces of your broken heart to create a new foundation for being human.



When Things Go Wrong! or Right!

When Things Go Wrong!

When things go wrong for the character, they can go especially right for the story.


TOMORROW is Virtual Book Tour day for Robert Cano’s new release The Dark Archer. Check out the excitement on my Facebook page:TDA dragon quote

All he wanted was the safety of his princess. What he received was eternal torment. 

Bereft of a soul, a wraith who should have no ties to humanity, Bene wants nothing more than release from his twisted existence. Trapped between life and nothingness, he hopes to reclaim his soul and find the death he so desperately desires.

Bene finds rare solace in the company of Feorin, a satyr war hero who chose exile over continuing the centuries long war with the Fae. He doesn’t look at Bene with fear or contempt, but rather hope. If a wraith can find a path to redemption, perhaps he could as well…

When things go Right!

Have you ever seen yourself go from balanced and calm to triggered? Is it because you want something you’re not getting?  Have you considered your options for a different outcome?
Last weeks newsletter contained a practice entitled “Calling In Your Team.”: I used this practice to navigate my emotions and the results were amazing.
I encourage you to use this practice. It worked for me and it’s worked for many others. Here’s how mine went…
Like holding your breath.  Sometimes I get really contracted before I expand. I used to watch my son do this when he was little. It’s like pulling back the slingshot in tension before releasing and catapulting forward.
This week I was resisting love at every turn, for myself, in my partnership (sorry honey!) and in my biz. I do EmBodied breathwork personally and professionally and have never had the opportunity to join forces with a “big name” to bring this work to their event.

I ran in to a friend / breath associate at the grocery store. She beamingly shared that she and 10 other breathworkers just assisted Greg Braden at his event with 170 people breathing and him speaking to the value of this work.
I was fit to be tied. Lately I’ve been feeling invisible like “nobody gets me!” and that pushed me over the edge. “WHY didn’t SHE include me?!? WHY do I have to push so hard to be noticed?!? WHY???!!!”

I was so peeved. In comes my Intuition, “When you’re done being angry, there’s another way to look at this.”
“I don’t care!”
“Geez, okay WHAT?!”
“You can celebrate her victory, celebrate her.”
“But I WANT to do something like that. I want to be HER!!!”
“She is another yourself, celebrate her.”
I decided to stop holding my breath, reach in to being happy for her and actually started to feel genuine gratitude for her good fortune. This opened my heart a bit and brought me to an inspiration to make use of a process I teach my clients (ya think???).
“Calling In Your Team” is the exercise where I reach out to my “co-creative soul mates whom I’ve not yet met” and ask them to notice my name, my business and come into my life to bring their gifts to help me lift up my business. In return I will provide my gifts to lift up theirs.
I was fierce with determination and did the practice, asking specifically for a social media expert who would work on commission. I also asked for a support network to help put me in front of my audience, something I’ve always struggled with – exposure to my peeps. I understand business partnerships can take years to cultivate…admittedly, I don’t have that kind of patience…I’m an Aries.

Danae Shanti.jpgWithin 24 hours:

I was introduced to a social media manager who works on a commission basis, loves my work and wants to open her intuitive abilities.
I was doing a channeled reading for another person who noted that her friend is looking for an Intuition teacher (me!), who has an on-line course coming up soon (me!) who trains people to use their Intuition (me, again!!!). This woman has a huge audience, a heart of service and makes herself and her guest presenter oodles of money and referrals (yay!) EXACTLY what I asked for.
Icing on the cake, my friend Kim Frazer taught me how to do FB live (hers are awesome!!) and soon I’ll be offering Tips for Today in the mornings to give people an Intuitive boost to work with for the day ahead. THANK YOU Kim!
More icing, my sister-in-law Ashara Morris came up with the idea of doing expo style animal communication sessions virtually (at which she rocks). With her encouragement and sharing technical know how, I’ve set up a weekend expo of virtual mini readings on the first weekend in August. Thanks sis!
I’m now in flow once again..willing to love myself, give and receive love with others and to remember that the Universe is FOR me…all I have to do is stop holding my breath and to remember this the next time I contract.


Expo Mini Readings-August 3rd-5th


  • Clear energy! 
  • Get inspired! 
  • Receive channeled insight and direction!

I’m so excited to serve you, to make it wildly affordable, and to give you that welcome boost to kick off your August! These spots will go quickly as I’ve not offered this virtually before!  All sessions will be by phone. I will call you at your appointment time.

Hear what Jo Jo says about Danae’s minisession:
To grab your 20 minute spot click here:  Times listed are Mountain Daylight Time
Sign up now!



The Mystical Source of Inspiration, and How to Manifest Your Dreams

I write supernatural suspense novels because I love exploring the transformative potential of spiritual work. I’m especially gratified to connect with other authors41KnDUhabdL who apply spiritual truth to writing. Emily Tamayo Maher wrote The Meaning Method and supports it with practical, nurturing and insightful coaching for new authors. And lucky you! You get to see what Emily knows about The Mystical Source of Inspiration.

For centuries artists have tortured themselves over the illusive nature of inspiration. However, for intuitives, and mystics, is it really that illusive?

Consider it. Seriously.

Where are these ideas coming from? Aren’t you curious?

I sure am.

In matters of spirituality, when you ask, you’re bound to receive. That’s why I beganstatic1.squarespace studying the third eye. The third eye has quite a reputation in psychedelic literature. It´s said to cause psychic visions and even psychotic experiences. That all sounds rather scary and intimidating, but in reality, the third eye is simply the seat of the imagination.

Have you ever lost yourself in that state of reverie, where you get an idea and then it starts mapping itself out right before your eyes? You gesticulate and might even start talking to yourself. It seems that real.

Well, that’s the sign of a healthy third eye. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy, it means you’re crazy talented, and these imaginings might really take on a life of their own.

The fact is we all open our third eye all the time, whenever we dream at night, whenever you imagine a story, or do a visualization, we’re activating this inner eye. It´s your sixth chakra.

The thing people don’t know about the third eye is the meaning. The Sanskrit name is Anja, which means to perceive and command. According to Vedic mysticism the proper function of the imagination is both to receive ideas, but also to put them out into the world. The stuff that goes on in your imagination isn´t for nothing! When you imagine a story, a piece of art, or anything else you aspire to create, it’s yours to manifest if you so choose.

However, you might be left wondering, I’ve been visited by fantastic visions, but how do I make them real?

This is another secret of the chakra system. Working the chakras from the bottom up is the masculine path of spiritual ascension, but working the chakras from the top down is the feminine path of creation. Your energetic system is designed to manifest your dreams.Chakras


Take a look for yourself:

  1. Crown Chakra: Get Inspired
  2. Third Eye: Activate Your Imagination
  3. Throat Chakra: Find your Voice or Communicate your Idea
  4. Heart Chakra: Nurture Your Creative Process
  5. Solar Plexus: Work Out the Details and Follow Through
  6. Sacral Chakra: Birth the Project and Release It
  7. Root Chakra: Allow it to Live and Thrive in the World

I’ve begun to use this Vedic wisdom in my own writing process and creative coaching, and it works miracles.doors-1767563_1920

Inspiration isn’t necessarily mysterious, it’s mystical. When you really begin to discover this deeper part of yourself, you’re able to make the things you were meant to make, and do the things you were meant to do!

Find Emily here: The Meaning Method
Find the book The Meaning Method here:  The Book
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